How Google refused to let Alexa dominate CES 2018

Google, with their treasure trove of data and brawny AI, is targeting Amazon's strength: the smart appliance. TechRepublic's Jason Hiner explains why Google Assistant will be as omnipresent as Alexa.

How Google refused to let Alexa dominate CES 2018

With monorails in Las Vegas that read "Hey Google" and big ball pits in front of the show floors, Google made their presence known at CES 2018. TechRepublic's Jason Hiner explained how Google is putting up a fight with Amazon's Alexa for the smart speaker spotlight.

"They don't want anyone walking out of here thinking the battle for smart speakers is over," Hiner said. Last year, Alexa stole the show at CES, but this year Google made themselves known, Hiner said, especially because smart speakers is the fastest growing tech category since DVD players and tablets.

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Many companies at the show announced Google Assistant integration will be made available with their devices-- even before they announced Alexa integrations, in some cases.

"Google's really serious about this category. They see this as critical. They understand that research from the CEA that says this is the fastest growing category since DVD players and tablets," Hiner said. "The battle's been joined between these two, and they're running away with it."

This will be a huge category not just for homes, but for offices too, he added, with more integrations in conference rooms, public areas, and other joint workspaces.

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Image: Jason Hiner