How has your work affected your home life?

Have you found a way to balance your work and home life, or has your home life suffered due to your long hours as an IT pro? Tell us your story.

About 70 percent of TechRepublic readers who participated in our informal poll said that work has interfered with their vacation plans. In another poll, 20 percent of participating readers said they “rarely have time for themselves.” If working as an IT consultant has taken over your life, or if you’ve found a unique solution to balancing your work and personal life, we want to hear from you.

What sorts of ramifications do these long hours have on your personal life? Do you find that your relationships have suffered due to your heavy work schedule? What kinds of things have you given up for your IT career? Have you changed your career goals to save your relationship(s)? Write to us and tell us your story or post your comment below.
Do you manage consultants or project team members? What’s your attitude toward “around the clock” availability? Take our survey and tell us how you handle the demands of today’s IT workload.

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