How HP enables retail digital transformation

Retailers have embraced data-driven omnichannel marketing, says Stephanie Dismore, VP and GM, Americas Channels at HP Inc.

How HP enables retail digital transformation

As with every industry--the retail industry is going through a major shift. TechRepublic met with Stephanie Dismore, vice president and general manager, Americas Channels at HP Inc. to discuss HP's role in the journey of retail's digital transformation, and what technologies and partnerships is HP working on.

Dismore: "At HP, as you know it's obvious, we are all about reinventing. So as the trusted advisor to IT decision makers and also to the retailers themselves, we have a unique opportunity where not only are we providing infrastructure and backend solutions for the IT decision maker supporting the retailer, we also understand the day to day business challenges. Because a huge part of our business is selling to the merchandising department and selling through on our consumer side.

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So we have a unique opportunity of saying, 'Hey, we not only understand what you need to do from an infrastructure perspective. Let's talk about Rpods. How do you create a seamless experience in store in using state of the art technology like our Rpod system? But also interweaving that with the pain points that we have with brick and mortar and selling through and creating that online/offline experience.'

So, for example, how do we create a seamless transition between ... Let's just take our products, our printers and our personal systems that we showcase at let's say a Best Buy and making sure that we enable the right tools and assets so when shoppers are shopping at Best Buy they understand, 'Hey, here's the solutions that HP's providing. Here's the backend marketing and the retargeting that HP is helping drive with a partner like a Best Buy so that you can continually see that seamless integration between offline and online stores.'"

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