How Kansas City uses big data to save big in the city budget

Kansas City CIO Bob Bennett explains how the city uses data analytics for predictive maintenance.

Video: How Kansas City is using data analytics for predictive maintenance

Recently, Kansas City finalized all of its phase one deployments for becoming a smart city which includes: 328 Wi-Fi access points, 178 smart street lights, and a fully developed analytics package.

Kansas City chief innovation officer Bob Bennett explained how the city is using big data to improve areas of the city.

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"We're getting control of the city data as it exists today," Bennett said. By using 4,500 data sets, ranging from water usage to permitting data to public health data, we're getting a good idea to what the pulse of the city is from existing things the city has always done, he said.

The city implemented a crime prediction program to better understand where crime will occur, and who can help prevent it,as well as a pothole prediction program to improve their street maintenance.

"[The program] lets us figure out how to do regularly scheduled maintenance, and saves a significant chunk out of the city maintenance budget."

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