How LinkedIn's new intelligent hiring tool better connects job-seekers with recruiters

The LinkedIn update also gives recruiters more information about candidates interested in open jobs.

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On Monday, LinkedIn unveiled its new Intelligent Hiring Experience--a platform that places its three core hiring tools under one roof. LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Jobs, and Pipeline Builder will join forces under the Intelligent Hiring Experience to create a more seamless hiring process for recruiters and job seekers alike, according to a Monday press call.

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The new platform is scheduled to launch in late summer 2019, and will feature 15 product improvements. John Jersin, vice president of product for LinkedIn Talent Solutions and Careers, outlined a few of those features during the call:

  • Recommended candidates: By tracking the type of qualities and qualifications recruiters are looking for in a specific role, LinkedIn will be able to automatically suggest relevant candidates in the Recommended Candidates tab. The suggestions only get smarter over time as LinkedIn learns what candidates you choose to interact with, said Jersin on the call.
  • Shared InMails: Recruiting teams will be able to collaborate more efficiently with Shared InMails, a feature that allows all team members to see the company's communication history with a candidate and add notes. Recruiters can also share specific messages with coworkers by tagging them with @mentions.
  • Closing the loop: With a new bulk reject feature, recruiters can expedite the hiring process. By clicking the "reject and send message" button in their Applications tab, the applicants will be notified, individually or in bulk, that they are no longer being considered in the hiring process.
  • Slide-in profile feature: This feature helps recruiters more easily review candidates, eliminating the need to toggle back and forth between pages, or open a new tab. Under Recruiting tools, the slide-in profile feature will also have a place for recruiters to add notes.
  • Instant job notifications: Starting today, LinkedIn will notify qualified candidates looking for a job about the latest job postings, in real time.

"We expect the simplification and integration between our products will make the life of a recruiter that much easier," said Jersin on the call. "They are able to reinvest that time savings into other parts of the hiring process."

LinkedIn has made a number of updates in the past year to improve its usefulness to job seekers and recruiters, including the option to search for jobs by salary range or ability to work remotely.

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The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • LinkedIn will merge its LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Jobs, and Pipeline Builder functions under a new Intelligent Hiring Experience platform. -- LinkedIn, 2019
  • The new platform will include more than 15 product enhancements, including recommended candidates, shared InMails, closing the loop, slide-in profile, and instant job notifications. -- LinkedIn, 2019

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