I ran a poll on “How many spam do you get in a day?” a couple of weeks back as part of a weekly roundup piece I posted over at TechRepublic’s Security blog, and I thought I’ll share the results over here.

I would like to highlight two conclusions that can be drawn from the survey results. It is clear that just over a third of those surveyed experienced little (if any) problems with spam. Another one third, on the other hand, experienced an average of more than 21 spam per day. Almost a fifth of overall respondents (18%) have what I would term major spam issues, receiving in excess of 41 spams per day.

While it can be argued that this is TechRepublic after all, I thought it the sign of the times that not a single participant opted for the “cover all” option of “I have no idea/I don’t care/I don’t use email”.

Much like how virus and malware have become part and parcel of computing, it is clear that spam is here to stay. What strategies do you use to deal with spam?

[Source: Survey conducted in TechRepublic Security blog]