The cloud is an essential component of business technology infrastructure. For a sense of scale, Microsoft processes 7 trillion cyber events per day, and spends over a billion dollars in cybersecurity and protecting their systems.

TechRepublic spoke with Relativity CSO Amanda Fennell and Azure Government CISO Matthew Rathbun to discuss how SMBs and enterprise companies can provide industry-custom security tools, and communicate with customers best practices for cyberdefense, especially when companies have to protect against cyber events at such large scale.

“One of the things that we do focus on at Microsoft and Azure, specifically, is meeting the needs of our industry partners,” Rathbun said. “One of the ways that we achieve that, as an example, is we have 71 unique certifications of our Azure products.” By focusing on different industry verticals, nation state requirements, and best practice cybersecurity requirements from commercial entities, we can ensure we meet all of the unique challenges and roles of our customers, he added.

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Relativity decided to move to the cloud to continue to provide a secure solution for their customers, and a comprehensive platform for e-discovery, Fennell said, but wanted to do it on something that would be scalable and a great infrastructure that’s got a lot of capability behind it.

“We chose to go with Microsoft at the time, and since that partnership has taken off, we now feel really confident that we have this awesome layer of security that we get from what they’re doing with all of that information, and all of those events per day that you were talking about,” she said.