Business pros can now bring videos, images, documents, and 3D models into Mozilla’s Hubs just by pasting a link, according to a Wednesday blog post from the company. This collaboration tool is another effort by Mozilla to prove that the web is the best Mixed Reality platform.

Hubs by Mozilla, announced in April, is the company’s first movement toward Social Mixed Reality. The program creates web-based rooms for people to meet and collaborate, and it can be used with PC, phone, or virtual reality (VR) headsets. Users can simply share the link to invite someone to join, and with the update, can now just paste a link into the room to share content, said the post.

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For example, if you wanted to share a YouTube video, you can go into Hub on a phone or PC and paste the URL to the video, said the post. The video will appear in the room and automatically start playing. Users can even move the content around the room, or put it on a wall.

Hubs by Mozilla supports image sites like Giphy and imgur, so you can share your favorite pictures and GIFs. Also, users can paste links to 3D models on Poly Sketchfab, or GTLF scene, said the post.

In a meeting, business pros can use Hubs to upload a slide deck PDF and flip through the presentation together in VR, noted the post. Additionally, users can upload photos from a device and create a gallery together.

Mozilla emphasized the safety and privacy of the tool, explaining how content in every room is encrypted and removed when no longer needed. The code is left open sourced so programmers can look at how it functions.

The update to Hubs makes business collaboration much more visual, engaging, and interactive, facilitating an even more joint experience.

To learn more or create your own room, click here.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • A Hubs by Mozilla update lets users share images, videos, documents, and 3D models in VR.
  • Business pros can share Powerpoints, create galleries, and watch videos together in one place, making it a strong virtual meeting space.