As part of Paramount’s shameless efforts to wring every last dollar out of the Star Trek franchise–you remember Trek, that cultural icon that defined sci-fi television for multiple generations before Rick Berman and Brannon Braga ran it straight into the ground–Christie’s auction house is holding a Star trek ‘garage sale.’

To quote Reuters:

“Trekkies will be setting their phasers to ‘bid’ this fall when

Christie’s holds the first official studio auction of memorabilia from

all five ‘Star Trek’ television series and 10 movie spinoffs.

CBS Paramount Television Studios is cleaning out its vaults for the

sale, comprising more than 1,000 lots totaling some 4,000 items, to be

held from Oct. 5 to 7 in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the

original ‘Star Trek’ series.”

Happy Birthday, Star Trek. Don’t mind us as we pick over your corpse. Wait, what’s that? Oh, they’re going to parade the body around before harvesting the remains? Do tell:

“‘Star Trek’ fans will get a peek at the collection when the memorabilia

goes on tour this week in Germany. Other stops include San Diego,

London, Las Vegas, Seattle and Los Angeles before a weeklong exhibit in

New York ahead of the October sale at Christie’s salesroom in

Rockefeller Center.”

Of course, I’d rather the fans have this stuff–well, the crazed, financially indiscriminate fans, anyway–than it be left to rot in a backlot warehouse or, worse, some Planet Hollywood somewhere. What irks me is that Paramount is pocketing the money, rather than using this auction to benefit charity. God forbid the franchise that preached understanding and tolerance go out in a fashion that leaves the world a better place. I guess that’s what reruns are for.