Autonomous transportation isn’t limited to personal vehicles anymore. As TechRepublic recently reported, Tesla is working on a fleet of self-driving semi-trucks that could change the shipping industry. Early this year, a French company began testing driverless shuttle buses in Las Vegas, which could signal coming changes in public transportation. As more companies refine the technology, even the government is getting involved. A US Department of Transportation committee focused on the automation of transportation began meeting in early 2017.

TechRepublic’s sister site, Tech Pro Research, wants to know what, if anything, your organization is doing with autonomous transportation. Are you hoping this is a fad that will go away, or are you actively prototyping and developing autonomous transportation technology? To help with this research, please take a few minutes and give us your thoughts and experience in a short survey. You’ll be asked six multiple-choice questions and one optional open-ended question.

Anyone who completes the survey can sign up at the end to receive a free copy of the resulting research report. Please complete this survey before December 15, 2017, and let us know how you feel about the future of autonomous transportation.

Take this survey and tell us what effects you think autonomous transportation will have on jobs and society.

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