How new technologies make the cloud cost effective for business

New Relic chief product officer Jim Gochee talked with TechRepublic about why platform services and containers can reduce cloud costs.

How new technologies make the cloud cost effective for business

TechRepublic's Dan Patterson spoke with Jim Gochee, chief product officer of analytics firm New Relic about how advances in cloud technology.

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Patterson: The cloud is not the same cloud that it used to be. New technology is advancing every day, and we have containers, the rise of Docker, and similar applications. What new technologies are driving the cloud forward?

Gochee: Yeah, you know, it's a great observation. Cloud four or five years ago, used to be the raw core services of compute and storage and network, and so you could run, when Docker first came out, you could still provision a server and you could run Docker on it yourself. Now what we see is platform services, containerization in the cloud, where it removes but you need to have a server. And so Amazon announced some pretty cool services including some coming out like Fargate where you don't really have to provision servers anymore. They're trying to remove infrastructure from the equation and go right to, "Here's some code to deploy. Now I want to deploy it." So, that's a very exciting place to be, and I think the newer technologies are being adopted quickly by the cloud vendors. Amazon in particular is really pushing the boundary on services offered. They have the most services, and they're really trying hard to pick up some of the leading-edge services, which is great for companies that want to try out those leading-edge services in the cloud.

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