I was reading through some of the Linux headlines for the week and found a blogger who talks about his “seasonal” changes between Windows and Linux. He admits that when he gets fed up with Windows, he’ll bounce to Linux, and after awhile, when he finds something that gets him down about his distribution, he’ll pop back to Windows for awhile. It made me wonder how many people go through the same cycle. Between work and home, I pretty much tinker around on all three — Windows, Linux, and Mac — simultaneously. Since I’m still auditioning Linux, I’ve tried Ubuntu, Fedora, and Mandriva, and I’ve just recently dumped my last VM to start out new with something else on VirtualBox (this is usually where I’m playing around with Linux).

If you’d rather eat dirt than ever use Windows, do you find yourself switching often between Linux distributions as well? Does the grass always look greener over in the next ISO image? I guess we can all be as promiscuous as we please with virtualization, but everyone still has their go-to, non-virtual standby. How often does that change? Just for kicks, take the poll, and feel free to add comments on your OS loyalty vs. “whatever works that day” attitude.