Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) announced Tuesday that it will be deploying up to 250,000 LED streetlights across the state using Silver Spring Networks’ IPv6 IoT platform.

Smart streetlights are a common entry point for smart city technology, and OG&E filed for an LED upgrade from the Oklahoma Corporation Commission to enable the deployment throughout the state. “OG&E is one of the first utilities in the country to really embrace LEDs and controls,” said Brandon Davito, vice president of smart cities and lighting for Silver Spring Networks.

“With this program, OG&E is establishing a robust lighting infrastructure that can be leveraged for immediate benefits and can also be used to deploy more advanced services and applications over time,” Davito said.

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The new platform could also help OG&E provide better service to its customers, enhance safety, and lower costs, said Ken Grant, vice president of sales and marketing for OG&E. And, lower costs could mean lower electric bills for its customers.

Once smart streetlights are in place, it’s easy to add sensors and video in order to monitor everything from parking and traffic to crowd size and weather.

“Streetlights have a really strong business case. Doing an LED upgrade offers a tremendous amount of energy savings. The quality of the light is quite a bit better as opposed to the light that comes from traditional fixtures, and LED lights are also controllable. There’s the ability to dim them, and if emergency situations occur they can be brought up and brought down [in brightness],” Davito said.

The return on investment is easy to justify for municipalities. In Los Angeles, the city spent $57 million to convert nearly 80% of it’s 215,000 streetlights to LED smart lights, and the city saves $9 million annually on energy costs, as previously reported by TechRepublic.

In Florida, Silver Spring Networks has been working with Florida Power & Light Company, which has deployed 500,000 smart and connected streetlights in Miami and south Florida since 2014, Devito said.

OG&E hasn’t released a date on when the streetlight deployment will begin in Oklahoma.

Three takeaways for TechRepublic readers:

  1. OG&E has partnered with Silver Spring Networks to use its IoT platform for 250,000 smart streetlights throughout the state.
  2. Silver Spring Networks has used the same IoT platform in south Florida for the installation of 500,000 smart streetlights.
  3. Smart streetlights are one of the most common entry points for a smart city because the ROI can be quickly established, and they can be leveraged for other improvements.

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