Mobile devices like wearables and tablets can help unite employees who work remotely through ease of communication, said Samsung Electronics America SVP Alanna Cotton.

“We love this idea of work more focused on non-traditional work styles,” Cotton told TechRepublic’s Teena Maddox at this year’s South by Southwest festival. “The numbers tell us is that by 2020, 50% of the workforce will be working non-traditionally so, devices that provide great mobile solutions like the Notebook 9 Pen, are essential, but so are devices that help manage this idea between work and play. A big part of our wearables lineup is also geared at assuring you have healthy solutions and healthy choices and healthy activity levels throughout the course of your day. This workforce is changing and it’s evolving from a traditional workforce at one site to a mobile workforce balancing life and work simultaneously. Samsung’s devices and tools are developed to guide people through that journey as we evolve.

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The modern workforce is a mobile workforce. It’s folks who work from home occasionally; it’s folks who work permanently at a remote location, and folks who work at non-traditional office sites. It’s increasingly important to have the devices and tools to collaborate, to get work done, but still have that interaction and engagement within the team and we see the workforce continuing to evolve.”

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