Samsung’s senior manager of product launch Shari Sentlowitz gave TechRepublic’s Dan Patterson a tour around the Samsung office to showcase their latest technology, ranging from digital displays to their progress on integrating augmented reality into everyday life.

The future of augmented reality in day to day life offers technology in even the smallest aspects of your life, Sentlowitz said. With Samsung’s display technology, customers will soon be able to drive up to their favorite quick-serve restaurant, and before they reach the menu, the technology will know what they typically order, and show their favorite items. After suggesting your their favorite items, the AR software can help customers order or even offer a special coupon for the purchase. This technology will be based off reading a tag on your vehicle or technology on your phone like Bluetooth, she said.

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In retail space, there will be more augmented reality and connected devices because companies are “fighting for attention of the customers and need something to bring them in,” said Sentlowitz. The use of new technology is changing the customer experience. Using digital signage helps manage the frustrations of those waiting in line, much like how augmented reality can reduce time spent waiting in line at restaurants and other locations. It also provides customers entertainment and new information about the company and its services.

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