Square, the portable point-of-sale credit card system, now lets users charge customers in smaller, fixed monthly installments. This feature shows how bank-like Square is becoming, as payment installations were previously typically only offered by larger banks or third parties, reported CNBC on Thursday.

Square’s portfolio of card readers and other systems are particularly popular with smaller businesses and individual proprietors, who may operate in small stores or pop up shops and need a compact, but functional, way of running credit card transactions.

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In order to pay for large purchases in installments, customers typically had to fill out paperwork in the store, which many people found embarrassing, said CNBC. With Square’s new service, however, customers can just opt for payment installations on their phone–a much more private and comfortable experience.

“We would rather the customer be able to have a private experience on their own device — they’re not holding anyone up, it’s not embarrassing, and there’s no fear of giving information to someone they don’t know” said Square Capital chief Jacqueline Reses to CNBC in a phone interview.

The whole idea behind installments on Square is to make the process easier and more attainable for the end user. For example, a man who works a body shop watched his sales improve by 10% over nine months, said CNBC.

“I was seeking that kind of relationship through my bank, or third parties but we need to see $1 million of sales and didn’t qualify,” body shop employee Lohit Pattanaik said to CNBC, adding that most car enthusiasts used it for purchases around $4,000. “For the customer, it really became a better situation.”

Square Capital launched in 2014 and has been a hit with businesses both big and small, as they also offer small loans and cash advances to organizations, said CNBC. The device is a great option for those interested in starting their own businesses, as it makes conducting transactions and gaining funds seamless.

The big takeaways for tech leaders:

  • Square is allowing users to charge customers in fixed monthly installments, rather than all at once.
  • Being especially popular with small businesses, Square’s portability and functionality make getting setting up a point-of-sale system easy and seamless.