How Sodexo leveraged the cloud, IoT, and advanced analytics to save millions

At Microsoft Ignite, Sodexo's Paul Bean offered first steps for businesses seeking to digitally transform.

Video: Sodexo's challenges during its digital transformation At Microsoft Ignite, Paul Bean of Sodexo explained how the company digitally transformed its mining business to enhance productivity and efficiency.

At Sodexo, "our customers often lead us to where they need us to be to be a more supportive partner," according to Paul Bean, the company's CEO of Global Mining Energy & Resources.

At Microsoft Ignite, TechRepublic's Alison DeNisco met with Bean to discuss how undergoing a digital transformation enhanced the productivity of the company's mining sector, and also improved relationships with their customers.

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Sodexo began as a company with many disconnected systems that had trouble communicating and integrating with one another. "We were able to, through the identification of a fully integrated solution--in this case [Microsoft] Dynamics 365--subsume those systems into one, and be able to surface data to customers and to ourselves at the same time," he said. "Which in turn helped to build a trusted relationship, and helped us to achieve more change and drive more transformation within the business in a shorter period of time."

To avoid lagging behind when it comes to adopting new technology, Bean said a great starting point for businesses who want to digitally transform is to embed a small, strong team of technicians within the business that can offer advice around how to configure systems to work very closely with the operational experts.

"It will save a lot of time, and help to communicate more effectively with the third parties who are often doing the configuration work," Bean said.

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