At some point in the future you will be able arrive at work George Jetson-style. Your electric flying car will be streaming content to you from the new Semantic Web while your son in the backseat will be enjoying Duke Nukem Forever.

It’s a nice picture to think about but what are the chances of any of the above appearing soon? Given Duke Nukem was in that list, I’d say close to none.

Nevertheless Tim Berners-Lee was trumpeting the virtues of the Semantic Web again this week. His message must be getting through to some people because Yahoo announced that they would support the Semantic formats in their Open Search Platform.

The Semantic Web idea is in desperate need of a killer application and Yahoo thinks search will be it. Will the same thoughts be there after Microsoft completes its acquisition? Stay tuned for that one.

Elsewhere on the Intertubes, Google opened up the YouTube API but smacked a great deal of “non-commercial use” into the terms of service. Elinor Mills took a look at the services that Google uses internally.

In the realm of videos we continued our chat with Andrew Tridgell. Tridge stated that the OLPC maybe the catalyst for the revival of the rproxy project and spoke of the relationship that Samba has had with Microsoft over the years.

Steve Ballmer was back on stage yelling again, so naturally Club Builder had to show it. Club Builder also took a look at the iPhone SDK and showed how the major browsers fared when taking the Acid3 test.