On Wednesday, Microsoft released Resume Assistant, a new tool that helps Office 365 users build a resume using LinkedIn insights. It is currently available for Office 365 Insiders.

The assistant connects LinkedIn to Microsoft Word to help users create smarter resumes based on LinkedIn’s data and insights. The tool pulls information from similar profiles to the candidate’s, showing the user how others in the field describe their work to recruiters.

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By comparing resumes with similar talent–and potential job competition–users can see where they can make themselves stand out, or where there should pick up a suggested skill. If a user notices a missing skill, the assistant may recommend a LinkedIn Learning class to develop that expertise. Gaining insights from other resumes without needing to manually look at several profiles may help strengthen users’ resumes with significantly less work and time.

Users can also turn on LinkedIn’s Open Candidate feature, which alerts recruiters if the user is looking for a job without informing their current employer, from within the assistant. And if the do-it-yourself way isn’t cutting it, users can connect with professional resume writers on LinkedIn for more help.

Insiders need to have the latest version of Word in order to immediately access the tool. The feature will roll out to all Office and Microsoft 365 subscribers across all types of plans in the coming months.

Other integrations for the assistant are in the works, but Microsoft officials didn’t specify what they are.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella initially teased the feature late last year in a priority outline after Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26 billion. Among others, Nadella also hinted at adding LinkedIn information to Outlook in the post–a feature that rolled out earlier this month.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. The newest Microsoft LinkedIn integration, Resume Assistant, pulls insights from similar LinkedIn profiles to help users tailor their resume to the job and competition.
  2. Users will be able to see how others frame their skills and experience, showing them how they compare and potential ways to flesh out their resume to become more competitive.
  3. Additional features include the option to quietly tell recruiters you’re looking for a job via the assistant, and suggested skills and LinkedIn Learning courses to help pick up those skills.