How the UN is preparing for the future of automation

Reporter Salima Yacoubi explains how the United Nations fosters innovation around the globe.

Video: How the UN fosters tech innovation

One of the United Nation's main sustainable development goals for 2030 is fostering innovation, according to UN journalist Salima Yacoubi. TechRepublic's Dan Patterson met Salima Yacoubi to discuss how the UN plans to use and manage new technology.

Along with hosting more events and connecting with different companies around the theme of innovation, the organization also launched UN Technology Innovation Labs (UNTILabs) which operates like a startup, and works on innovation issues by crowdsourcing solutions from around the globe.

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The UN also realized the importance of collaborating with big tech companies, Yacoubi said. "[The UN] needs to work hand in hand with businesses, with tech companies, with AI for good because that's what the UN is doing here, is serving humanity," she said. "When we think of AI and the fourth technological revolution, we're going to see major disruption in our everyday lives, and the UN has to be there to monitor that."

By partnering with companies that understand how automation is going to impact jobs and work throughout parts of the world, the UN can better prepare for a future dominated by robots and machines. "The UN is very interested in equality, and if automation is going to dramatically disturb the workforce, the UN's goal is to keep a balance in terms of equality, and to keep that in mind, and to work towards that."

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