Ever since the original iPhone, many users have included the default “Sent from my iPhone” message in their email. It’s possible to customize this message to include contact information, your company’s tag line, or whatever you’d like.

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Email signatures in iOS can be configured globally (so the signature will be the same for all email accounts on your device) or per-account (each email account on your device can have a different email signature). To start configuring the email signature, perform these steps.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select Mail | Signature.
  3. Select the All Accounts for global configuration, or Per Account for per-account configuration of the email signature.
  4. Enter your message in the text field (Figure A).

Figure A

If you enter a global signature but then decide later to move to a per-account signature, you can return to this Settings view to change it to Per Account. This will display signature text fields for all of the mail accounts configured on your device.

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When composing an email on your device, the global message will be displayed whenever you compose a new message; if you have a per-account message, then selecting different From addresses will change the message displayed in the body of the email.

Email signatures can save you time and frustration from having to type your contact information into every email you send, and per-account configuration lets you easily configure work and nonwork messages on the same device.