Over the years, Firefox has taken a dive in popularity, which is sad because there are some really handy features to be found. One particular feature that I use a lot is Live Bookmarks. This feature allows you to add an RSS feed as a bookmark. Once added, that feed will regularly update so that the bookmark will display the latest pages for you to click on. Let me show you how to add live bookmarks to Firefox.

The first thing you do, is open Firefox. Once opened, you might have to enable the display of the menubar by right-clicking a blank spot in the toolbar and selecting Menu Bar. Now, visit the page with the RSS feed, such as TechRepublic’s Cloud page. Once there, click Bookmarks | Subscribe to this page. In the resulting window, make sure Live Bookmarks is selected from the drop-down, and click Subscribe now. A new window will appear that allows you to name and place the bookmark. Take care of that and click Subscribe and you’re all set. Click on the live bookmark and you’ll see the feed has been populated.

That’s all there is to it. This feature works on both the desktop version of Firefox as well as the mobile version. With Live Bookmarks, you can always be on top of new content on your favorite pages. Like TechRepublic!