How to add Slack to the Gmail sidebar

If you frequently find yourself sending the contents of email from Gmail to Slack, you're going to want to connect the two dots with this easy-to-use app.

How to add Slack to the Gmail sidebar

Did you know you can access Slack from the Gmail sidebar? Before you get too excited, this isn't a full-featured Slack sidebar that can be opened from the same window as Gmail. Instead, what it does is allow you to integrate Gmail into a Slack workspace, so that you can easily send the contents of an email to either a workspace or a user, without having to resort to the less-than-efficient task of copying and pasting between the apps. 

Integrating these two apps only requires you have a Gmail account and a Slack workspace that allows you to add such an app. Whether or not you can integrate an app will depend on how the workspace is configured. If your workspace does allow it, this integration is pretty slick. 

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How to install and use Slack For Gmail

  1. Make sure you're logged in to both your Gmail and Slack accounts on the browser you'll be using. 
  2. Go to the G Suite Marketplace and search for Slack For Gmail
  3. In the resulting page, click Install and when prompted, click Continue. 
  4. You will then be prompted to select the correct account to use. Click Allow to give the app permission to access the necessary information on your Gmail account. 
  5. Click Done to close out the installation process. You should now see a Slack icon in the Gmail sidebar. 
  6. Locate and select an email you want to send to either a user or workspace and then click the Slack icon. 

You should now be able to search for the user or workspace and then click the Send To button. The email will either arrive in the user's direct messages inbox or in the workspace for all to see. 

For anyone who frequently bounces between Gmail and Slack, this app should be considered a must have to up your Slack efficiency.

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