How to add your favorite People to your Windows 10 Taskbar

You can reach collaborative teammates in a snap by adding quick access to the People app on your taskbar.

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Success in many business enterprises is dependent on the ability of its employees to collaborate on projects over distance. Companies like Microsoft have been developing and improving cooperative and collaborative tools at every level of the enterprise IT infrastructure for that very reason. The company transformed Office 365, for example, to make it the de facto collaborative tool of choice for many businesses.

Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Sway, and Yammer are just a few of the tools and applications updated to include a heavy emphasis on collaboration. However, for many of these tools, the application that ties them together is Microsoft People. The People app contains the pertinent contact information employees need to use when contacting another person in the organization.

Easy access to contact information can save time and effort, so Microsoft has added a feature to the taskbar of Windows 10. This how-to tutorial shows you how to add People to the Windows 10 Taskbar and then how to add your favorite contacts to that app.

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Add People

To add direct access to the People app to the Windows 10 Taskbar, right-click an empty spot on the taskbar and choose the Show People on the taskbar item. Doing so will add a new icon to the right-hand side of the taskbar, as shown in Figure A.

Figure A

Figure A

Click or tap that new icon, and it will open a simple interface listing your favorite or most commonly accessed contacts. The people on this list are determined and designated by you, so you must first populate it before this tool can be useful.

The next step is to connect the People app to your contacts list. Click the new People icon in your taskbar and then click the Apps tab to see a list of connected apps, as shown in Figure B.

Figure B

Figure B

Note: In Windows 10 you cannot connect directly to Outlook. If your contacts are in Outlook, you must first add your Outlook account to the Windows 10 Mail app, then when you add Mail to your list of connected apps, the Outlook contacts will be accessible.

Once all of your contacts are added to the People app, then you can begin to select your favorites and populate the quick access list. Click the People icon on the taskbar and click the Find and pin contact item at the bottom of the interface. You will be presented with a list of contacts, as shown in Figure C.

Figure C

Figure C

To help you find specific individuals in your contacts, you can use the search box to narrow down the list. To add the contact to your list of favorite contacts, just click their name. As you add to your list of favorite contacts, their icons will be added to your Windows 10 Taskbar, as shown in Figure D.

Figure D

Figure D

A normal click or tap will open the contact and allow you to send an email, make a phone call, send a message, or start a video conference, depending on what contact information you have gathered. You may also edit the contact to add additional information as it becomes available.

To remove a contact from your list of favorites, all you have to do is right-click it and click the unpin from taskbar item on the menu.

Adding your business team to this quick access tool can make contacting them a trivial matter and improve the effectiveness of your overall cooperation and collaboration.

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