How to adjust the Android display size

Having trouble reading the text on your Android device? Instead of constantly zooming in and out, why not adjust the display size? Jack Wallen shows you how.

How to adjust the Android display size

Have you looked at your Android device lately and noticed that you're having trouble reading on the small screen? Although in some cases you can always pinch-to-zoom to enlarge whatever's on the display, doing that all the time gets a bit old.

Fortunately, this is Android we're talking about, so configuration is always an option. Such is the case with the display. You might not know this, but you can actually adjust the display size on your Android device--if you find the print is always a bit too small, you can enlarge it such that text will always display a bit larger.

Let me show you how.

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What you'll need

This feature has been around for quite some time, so chances are whatever version of Android you are using will include the ability to adjust the screen size. I'll be demonstrating on a Google Pixel 4, running Android 10, so how you find the option might vary.

Note: This option only changes the size of text on the screen. It does not alter the size of images displayed. If you're only having issues viewing images, you'll have to continue zooming in and out.

How to adjust the display size

Open the Settings app on your Android device and locate Display. Tap that entry and then tap Advanced to expand those entries. From the newly expanded menu entries, scroll down and tap Display Size (Figure A).

Figure A


The Android Display Size menu entry in Settings | Display.

In the resulting window, you'll see sample text and a sizing drag bar at the bottom (Figure B).

Figure B


The Display Size window on Android 10.

Drag the Display Size bar to the right, until the text is easier to read (Figure C).

Figure C


The display has been sized to it's largest scale.

Once you can easily read the sample text, you're done. Back out of the configuration window and enjoy easier reading of your Android screen. Of course, if you're like me, even resizing the display to the largest possible text won't negate the need for glasses. But, if your eyes are not yet bad enough to depend on readers or prescriptions, and you're still having a bit of trouble reading that screen, this option will be your best friend.

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