Generation Z–those born after 1996–will flood the workforce in the coming years. With approximately 62 million Gen Zers in the US, this generation outnumbers Gen X, and is projected to soon outnumber millennials, according to a recent LinkedIn report.

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Being born alongside the creation of the Internet, Gen Z is made up of digital natives. Because of their familiarity with an ever-evolving tech world, this generation will reshape the workforce. To prepare for this next generation of workers, recruiting firm LaSalle Network outlined the specific factors Gen Z will be looking for in a job.

In a recent report, LaSalle Network surveyed more than 3,000 2019 college graduates, determining what the generation expects and desires from hiring companies. Here are the three factors Gen Z wants most in a job position:

  1. Opportunity for growth, with 76% of respondents expecting to earn a promotion within two years of their start date.
  2. Work-life balance
  3. Compensation

Within a given company, members of Gen Z want a positive company culture, good benefits, and a desirable location the most, the report found. Respondents said their go-to resource for job searching is a career fair, followed by interpersonal networking and job boards.

The majority (76%) of respondents began their job searches six to nine months before graduation, the report found. And most respondents expect to earn an average of at least $51,000 in their first job out of school.

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