How to attract the next generation of cybersecurity talent

CISOs should focus their security budgets on risk reduction and hire cybersecurity talent to protect sensitive data, says ProtectWise vice president of product management Dave Gold.

How to attract the next generation of cybersecurity talent

In 2018, CISOs will spend even more money than they have in the past on cyberdefense. TechRepublic's Dan Patterson spoke with ProtectWise vice president of product management Dave Gold to discuss how companies can leverage their teams to enhance their cyberdefense strategy.

Cyberattacks are growing, their impacts are becoming more severe, and enterprises are struggling with where they should focus their efforts. Networks are changing and becoming more geographically dispersed, so organizations can't rely on the old way of doing things of putting security at every location where security needs to be, Gold said.

"CISOs are really struggling to find enough people to do the work that we need to do," he said. "It's big business to attack a lot of these organizations. These are well-funded organizations, and well-funded adversaries that are coming after the data."

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Organizations are also struggling to figure out the right technologies that they need. It's challenging for CISOs to deal with all these moving parts at once: transitioning to the cloud, changing networks, and not having the right people or tools to protect themselves from cyberattacks.

"The reality is there's just not enough people to do this work," he said. Organizations need to look for tools and products that can optimize the way their people spend their time.

Gold's advice for most CISOs would be to think about how their organization is doing business, and how they can make their team more efficient in all those areas. "As organizations are moving to the cloud, security is a huge challenge. As we try to go out and hire more people, you need to find the tools that's going to track that next generation of analysts," he said.

Organizations need to make sure they are buying products and technologies that are going to make their teams more efficient, and not just adding another tool to their toolbox that they don't have the time to use, he added.

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