A few weeks back we talked about If This Then That, an iOS and Android app that lets you automate tasks using other apps.

The basic idea is that you make recipes that fit the structure of “if this trigger happens, then do that thing.” As you might imagine, there are a lot of uses.

First, if your company uses Yammer, and every month you do something like post a reminder to turn in spreadsheets, or some recurring event like that, you can make a recipe that will post a certain message at a day and time or your choosing so you don’t have to worry about it.

Second, if you’re looking to keep a more casual record of your Twitter activity, you can use IFTTT to archive all your tweets, retweets, and mentions in Google Drive or Evernote. You can also create a similar recipe for Facebook statuses.

Third, let’s say you’re going out of town on vacation. If you have it marked down on your calendar, when that glorious day comes, you can have an out of office message automatically posted to Chatter on Salesforce.

Fourth, you can create a recipe that saves Instagram photos with a specific tag- maybe from a marketing campaign- into a Dropbox folder.

Bonus round:

Fifth, using the RSS and Twitter channels, you can make a recipe that tweets items as they hit a specific newsfeed.

Sixth, if you want to keep up with new followers, you can use the Twitter channel to update a spreadsheet in Google Drive every time you get a new follower.

And finally at seventh, if you have a hard time remembering to post on one of your networks, you can create a recipe that texts you a reminder to post on, for example, LinkedIn, whenever you’ve just posted a link on Facebook.

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