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Since Microsoft Excel was first released in 1985, it’s become the go-to spreadsheet program for many enterprises. 

Popular uses for Excel include budget planning, storing or analyzing data, or computing complex calculations, but it has many more functions to help business users work more efficiently.

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In the TechRepublic ebook: 30 Excels tips you need to know, users can learn popular Excel tips such as how to add a drop-down list in an Excel cell, find duplicates, delete blank rows, and much more. 

For example, in web forms, surveys, and polls, it can be very useful to limit the choices for a selection with a simple drop-down list. This is also possible in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, but the process isn’t very well known or very intuitive. In the ebook, 30 Excel tips you need to know readers can learn how to use Microsoft Excel’s data validation feature to create handy lists within worksheets.

Color can be a powerful element in an Excel drop-down list. Luckily, it’s easy to add—you simply add conditional formatting rules to the cell containing the drop-down list. Learn how to add a new list and validation control, and then add the conditional format rules to include visual cues in 30 Excel tips you need to know. Readers can work with their own data or download the demonstration files provided.

SEE: 30 Excel tips you need to know (TechRepublic Premium)

You might be surprised to learn that Microsoft Excel uses styles too, although the data typically doesn’t require the same kind of robust options as in Microsoft Word. Another bonus: Excel styles are easier to use than Word’s. If you’re not using them because you think they’re complicated, you might want to reconsider. In 30 Excel tips you need to know, Excel styles are introduced and how to use them efficiently is explained. 

Summarizing data is Microsoft Excel’s main function. The good news is that a lot of number crunching can be done on the fly and without any specialized knowledge. Even if you know advanced summarizing techniques, one or more of the Excel tips in 30 Excel tips you need to know might impress your co-workers. 

Whether you are a Microsoft Excel beginner or an advanced user, you’ll benefit from these step-by-step tutorials in the TechRepublic Premium ebook: 30 Excel tips you need to know.

SEE: 30 Excel tips you need to know (TechRepublic Premium)