Cryptomining is the process of solving complex problems to verify digital transactions using computer hardware. Unfortunately, certain people have become incredibly adept at hijacking web browsers in such a way that they can then make use of unsuspecting user’s machines for that very purpose. Cryptojacking is typically done with the use of malicious Javascript. Once your browser lands on a page with that malicious code, you could wind up a victim of cryptojacking, and your machine used for cryptomining.

Why is that bad? Well, outside of an unknown actor profiting by using your hardware, it could lead to them having access to your data.

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So how do you prevent this on the Firefox browser? Since there isn’t a built-in mechanism, you must install a handy add-on. The add-on in question is Mining Blocker.

Let’s install and use this handy tool that helps prevent your machine from becoming a victim of cryptomining.

To install the add-on, open up the Mozilla Add-ons page and search for Mining Blocker. On the add-on page, click the Add to Firefox button. When prompted click the Add button. That’s it. The Mining Blocker is installed. You’ll see a small axe icon in the toolbar, indicating it’s installed and working. Every time you go to a site, Mining Blocker will run a check. When the site comes up clean, a checkmark will appear.

The add-on will block sites from a blacklist and, should it discover malicious Javascript on a site not already listed, it’ll automatically block it. You should now be safe from cryptomining, at least when using the Firefox browser.