How to create a Gmail label from the compose window

If you want to make your Gmail workflow more efficient and your inbox a bit less cluttered, consider creating a Gmail label.

How to create a Gmail label from the compose window

I like to work efficiently. In fact, a good portion of my day is figuring out how I can make my workflow better. And considering I also spend a good percentage of my day coming up with things to write about, I tend to send myself a lot of reminders, some in the form of emails.

This can become a problem when I'm trying to keep my Gmail inbox as clean as possible. Fortunately, Gmail has labels to help us keep things neat and tidy. That means you can, from the compose window, assign an email a label.

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The one caveat to this little feature is that should you send the label-attached email to a non-Gmail address the label might not persist. However, if you send that email to a Gmail address (such as your own) the label will remain.

I use this feature to send myself reminders and other important missives that will be automatically filed under the specified label. When I open an email and need a new label, what do I do? Create one. Here's how.

Create a new label

  1. Open the Gmail compose window.
  2. Click the menu button (three vertical dots near the bottom right corner) and select Label | Create new.
  3. In the resulting window, give the new label a name, and (if necessary) select a parent label to house the new one.
  4. Once you take care of the label name, click Create, and you're done. The new label will be created and applied to the outgoing mail.

If you send a message to yourself it'll arrive and be automatically filed away with the label. This is a great way to send yourself important reminders and get them automatically organized in such a way that will keep your Gmail inbox free from self-inflicted clutter. Happy labeling.

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