Whether it’s for business or pleasure, people tend to use Microsoft Windows 10 PCs in many different ways. For example, many users stick to the traditional keyboard-mouse-desktop interface, while others prefer the newer touch display interface. Each interface has merits depending on the task at hand, but it is often as simple as a personal preference.

For its part, Microsoft has tried to give Windows 10 features and tools that accommodate as many different interface preferences as possible. The Start Menu, especially when set to full-screen mode, is designed specifically for users of touch screen displays. However, despite all the touch display-friendly features, there is one feature missing–slide-to-shutdown.

This how-to tutorial shows you how to add a slide-to-shutdown feature to the Windows 10 touch screen display interface with a simple shortcut to a special command.

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The most straightforward way to add the slide-to-shutdown shortcut is via the Windows 10 desktop. Right-click on any open spot on your desktop and navigate to the New item in the context menu. Click on the Shortcut item to start a new creation dialog (Figure A).

Figure A

In the Type the location of the item box you will want to copy and paste this command:


Click the Next button and then give your new shortcut a name. I used SlideShutdown as shown in Figure B.

Figure B

Click the Finish button to complete the process. When you double-click your new shortcut a pull-down shade should appear on your screen (Figure C). Just pull that shade down to the bottom of your display and your computer will shut down.

Figure C

Fine tuning

To refine your new shortcut, you could right-click it, click the Properties item, and then change the icon to something that matches its function, as shown in Figure D.

Figure D

Additionally, since this shortcut is likely to be used most often as part of the Windows 10 touch screen display interface, you should right-click the shortcut again and click the Pin to Start item from the context menu. Now, the slide-to-shutdown shortcut will be part of the Start Menu and easy to find when using your fingers and a touch screen to navigate Windows 10 (Figure E).

Figure E