Android Assistant includes an incredibly handy feature, called routines. Routines allow you to trigger multiple actions with a single command.

You may already be familiar with using Routines in Android, but if you migrated to a device running the latest offering from Google (Android 9.0, aka “Pie”), how you create a routine has changed.

I want to walk you through the process of creating a routine in Pie.

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What you need

Obviously, you will need an Android device running the latest release. If your device is running Oreo (Android 8), you’ll want to follow the steps outlined in How to add routines to Google Assistant. If you’re using Android Pie, read on.

Creating a new routine

Unlike Android 8 (where you go through the Settings menu to create a routine), in Android 9, you do it from within Assistant itself. Open Assistant and tap the blue icon in the bottom left corner (Figure A).

Figure A

In the next window, tap the Explore icon in the bottom right corner (it looks like a small compass). In the resulting window, tap the menu button in the upper right corner and tap Settings. Next, tap the Assistant tab (Figure B).

Figure B

In the Assistant tab, tap Routines. In this new window (Figure C), if you’ve already created routines, you’ll find it has migrated over from your Google Account. If not, it’s time to start creating something new.

Figure C

To create the new routine, tap the + button at the bottom right corner of the screen. In the resulting window (Figure D), tap the Add commands entry and type a command (what you speak to Assistant, in order to launch the routine).

Figure D

Once you add the command, tap the Add action entry and then type the Google Assistant action (Figure E).

Figure E

If you’re unsure how to add an action, tap the Choose popular actions, scroll through the list, and tap the action you want to add. When you’ve added all of the necessary actions for your routine, tap the back button to return to the routine. If you’re satisfied with your new routine, tap the check button at the top right corner.

Your new routine has been created. Open Assistant and speak the command you created for the routine to launch it.

And that’s how you create routines in Google Assistant when using Android Pie. If you’re not making use of this feature, you’re missing out on one of the most helpful features found in Assistant. Get creative with routines and expand Android possibilities.