How to customize swipe gestures in the iOS Mail app

Swiping left and right on your emails in the iOS Mail app gives you several quick actions. If you want to customize those actions, read this how-to tip.

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In iOS 8, Apple introduced swipe gestures to Mail, allowing users to swipe on a message left or right to get various options for managing the message. If those gestures don't do what you want, you can customize them.

Here's how to customize swipe messages so you can swipe left or right on a message and use the customized action that appears. This tutorial is applicable to all versions of iOS.

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To change the left and right swipe options in Mail, perform these steps.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Navigate to Mail | Swipe Options (Figure A).
  3. For the Swipe Left option, you can choose between None, Mark As Read, Flag, and Move Message; for the Swipe Right option, you can choose between None, Mark As Read, Flag, Move Message, and Archive/Trash. (Note: Accounts that include Archive as the default action for swiping left will offer Trash for swiping right.)

Figure A


For the Swipe Left option, you will be customizing the middle option that appears in the list. For the Swipe Right option, only one option appears.

That's it! Whenever you swipe left or right on a message, the options that you've chosen will be displayed inside the iOS Mail app.

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