How to customize the OnePlus 3 Alert slider

OnePlus 3 Android device owners, learn how to take advantage of your new favorite feature: the Alert slider.

Image: Teena Maddox/TechRepublic

I'm a big fan of Android's Do Not Disturb feature--it's helped make Android more user friendly, and provided an incredibly easy way to control various alarms and alerts from my device.

For the most part, controlling the Do Not Disturb feature is simple: Swipe open your Notification Bar, tap the Do Not Disturb icon and set it to your liking. The developers at OnePlus have taken this simplicity to a new level. With the OnePlus 3, the developers included a physical alert slider (on the upper left corner of the device) that offers three positions:

  • Silent
  • Priority
  • All Notifications

That should look familiar, as it is taken directly from Android's Do Not Disturb functionality. The difference is, in order to set the OnePlus 3 to one of the three options, you only have to move the slider--you don't have to unlock your device. The developers even made it possible to customize the slider to perfectly fit your needs. Let's take a look at how this is done.

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What you can configure for the Alert slider

It boils down to two options: Priority and Silent. There are no settings for the All Notifications option because, by design, it's all on.

To get to the Alert slider options, go to Settings | Alert Slider. If you tap the Priority Settings option, you'll see that you can enable/disable Alarms, Media, Reminders, and Events (Figure A).

Figure A

Figure A

The Priority settings for the OnePlus 3.

From the Messages and Calls section, you can determine the type of user that is set as Priority, which means any message or call from the user will be allowed. One very nice feature is Repeat Callers; if you enable this, a contact can return the call within 15 minutes, and the alert will be allowed--even if they aren't within the group you selected in the Calls section.

In the Silent settings section, you only have two options: Enable Sound For Alarms or Enable Sound For Music, Video, And Games. If you disable these options, you silence any audible output from either alarms or media when the Do Not Disturb Slider is set to Silent.

Once you set the slider options, you can switch between modes by moving the slider all the way down (all notifications), to the center (priority), or all the way up (silent).

A simple and effective feature

Of all the incarnations of the "silencing" feature I've used, the OnePlus 3 slider is, by far, the most convenient. If you happen to be a proud owner of a OnePlus 3, make sure to take advantage of this feature. If you're on the fence as to whether to buy this device, this feature might sway you into making the purchase.

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