If you’re looking for a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, and have yet to settle on one, I thought I might highlight a feature found in the Enterprise edition of Miradore that could sway you into adopting either this MDM tool or another. The feature I want to walk you through is file deployment. With this you can easily push a file to all enrolled Android devices (it doesn’t work with iOS devices) with a few clicks from within the Miradore dashboard.

As mentioned, this feature is only available to the Enterprise edition of the tool. The pricing for the Enterprise edition is $2.00 USD/month per device. For the price/feature matrix, check out this Miradore page. You can always set up a 14-day trial to see if the tool is right for your needs.

Preparing a file

The sending of files only works with devices enrolled to your Miradore account. I will assume you’ve already enrolled the necessary devices for your account and are ready to start sending files.

To send a file, log into your Miradore dashboard and click Files (under Mobile Management). In the resulting window (Figure A), click Upload file in the right pane.

Figure A

In the next window (Figure B), click Browse and then locate your file from within the resulting file manager.

Figure B

Once the file has been attached you must add a destination folder for the file. This directory is relative to the root folder on the Android device and the folder must already exist. Once you’ve filled everything out, click the Upload button and you’re ready to deploy.

Deploying a file

Now it’s time to deploy. You can deploy as many files as you like to as many devices as needed. Here’s how:

  1. Go back to the Files window in your Miradore dashboard
  2. From the right pane, click Deploy file
  3. Select the file(s) to be deployed and then click Deploy file
  4. Select the device(s) that will receive the file and click Next
  5. Click Deploy (Figure C)
  6. When prompted, click Close

Figure C

The file will then deploy, without the end user having to accept or interact with their device in any way.

Deleting a file

The developers of Miradore have also made it simple to delete files. If you go to your dashboard and click Files (from the left navigation), you’ll see the Delete button in the right pane. Select the file you want to delete from the list and then click Delete from the right pane. When prompted, click the green Delete button and the file will be removed from all managed device.

The only caveat to this process is that it is all or none. You cannot delete files from selective devices, so make sure you “measure twice, cut once” before deleting files.

MDM makes life easy

If you haven’t looked into Mobile Device Management yet, and you happen to manage numerous devices, do yourself a favor and give it a try. The ability to do things like deploy files to devices is just one feature, in a long list, that makes this type of solution worth your while.