How to disconnect devices and revoke app privileges from your Firefox cloud account

You'll be surprised at how many devices, apps, and services are associated with your Firefox cloud account. Find out how to remove them.

How to disconnect devices and revoke app privileges from your Firefox cloud account

When you work with Firefox long enough, chances are you've given plenty of permissions for devices and apps to access data from your Firefox-synced account. From various and sundry apps installed from the Firefox add-ons store to new desktops, laptops, and mobile devices you've added to your Firefox account, to desktop applications, and more.

Thing is, those devices and apps can add up--until your Firefox cloud account could become a security risk. What happens if you've lost a device or no longer use a service? Or what happens if a service you do use was breached? What do you do?

One thing you can do is to disconnect lost, stolen, or unused devices and revoke the permissions of extraneous apps and services. Fortunately, the developers of Firefox have made this incredibly easy to do. However, it's on you to make sure to manage this task on a regular basis, otherwise you never know what might befall that cloud data.

I'm going to show you how to revoke Firefox access to devices and apps. I'll be demonstrating on Pop!_OS, but the platform you use doesn't matter.

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What you'll need

To tackle this task, you'll only need two things:

How to revoke access from your Firefox account

To disconnect and revoke access from your Firefox account, point a Firefox browser that is associated with your Firefox account to the Firefox Clients page. On this page, you'll see a list of all the devices, apps, and services that are associated with your account (Figure A).

Figure A


You might be surprised at how much you find listed.

Scroll down until you see a device you want to remove and click Disconnect. When you click Disconnect for a device, a popup window will appear (Figure B), asking why you want to take the action.

Figure B


Disconnecting a device from Firefox.

Make your selection and click Disconnect.

To revoke access to an app or service, scroll through the list, locate and app or service, and click the associated Revoke button (Figure C). 

Figure C


Revoking access to the notes app.

You'll find no popup appears for the revoking of app/service permissions. Instead, access is immediately removed and you're good to go.

Make sure to go through the entire listing of connected apps and clear away anything you no longer use. The fewer devices, services, and apps that have access to your Firefox cloud account, the better. Make sure to regularly comb through this listing, as you'll be surprised at how quickly those connections add up.

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