Memo fields can be the most difficult to display correctly in a Microsoft Access report because you can’t really predict how large they will be. When designing a form, you can always add scroll
bars to display any text that doesn’t fit in the space given for a memo
control. With reports, you don’t have that option. You will have to set the memo
control’s properties to ensure all the field’s text is displayed in the report.

Fortunately, Access’ memo controls have a number of properties that can make
them easier to read. To work with these controls, open your report in design
view, right-click the memo control and select Properties. Next, verify that the
Can Shrink and Can Grow properties under Format are set to Yes.
This will ensure that Access will resize the control on the report to fit all
of the text.

Next, you can make the text easier
to read by adjusting the control’s margins. You can adjust the margins on all
sides of the control by scrolling to the top, bottom, left, and right margin
properties in the property sheet and entering the desired margin in fractions
of an inch. You can also increase the spacing between each line of text by
setting the line spacing property to the desired size in fractions of an inch.

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