You may never have had to do this, but with the exponential rise of mobility, you may find yourself needing to insert a QR code into a document. With such a code, users could quickly whip out their mobile devices, scan the QR image, and get various types of information (URLs, special codes, etc.). These codes make for great marketing tools for your business, so you should be using them. But how can you add those codes? If you’re a LibreOffice user, there’s an extension that makes the process incredible simple. Let’s install that extension.

Open LibreOffice and click Tools | Extension manager. Click the Get more extensions online link. In the resulting web page, search for Click on the resultant link and download the file by clicking the goQR.oxt link. Save that file to your local drive. Now, go back to the LibreOffice extension manager and click the Add button. Locate and select the downloaded file and click Open. OK the installation. To use the extension, type and select the necessary text in the document and click the black square goQR button. Configure the code to meet your needs and click OK. The QR code for the text will automatically be added to the document.

That’s all there is to adding QR codes into a LibreOffice Document. It doesn’t get much easier than that and the benefits can be quite handy. Happy QR coding.