How to enable the new Eyes Open feature for Google Pixel 4

Google has finally added the Eyes Open requirement for Google Pixel 4 Face Unlock. Learn how to enable it.

How to enable the new Eyes Open feature for Google Pixel 4

The Google Pixel 4 facial recognition feature is already one of the finest on the market. It's fast, secure, and reliable. However, there's been one complaint frequently used against the system, which is that Face Unlock doesn't require eyes to be open. The implications of that are pretty obvious: Someone could pick up your phone, while you sleep, and open the device by holding it in front of your face.

That does throw a bit of a wrench into the security works of the system.

To resolve this, the developers have finally (with the April 5, 2020 Security Update) added the ability to require eyes to be open for Face Unlock to work. 

Let me show you how to enable this must-use feature.

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What you'll need

In order to make this work, you'll need either a Google Pixel 4 or a Pixel 4 XL. At the moment, this feature has only rolled out to those particular Google-designed smartphones. Hopefully, for those other Android devices that do offer Face Unlock, the feature will trickle down soon.

How to enable Eyes Open on Google Pixel 4

In order to enable the Eyes Open feature, open the Settings app on your Pixel 4 device and navigate to Security | Face Unlock. You'll be prompted to enter your device PIN before you can access the Face Unlock features. 

Type that PIN and tap the arrow key. 

In the resulting window (Figure A), tap the ON/OFF slider associated with Require Eyes To Be Open.

Figure A


Enabling Eyes Open on the Google Pixel 4.

And that's it. At this point your Pixel 4 will refuse to unlock, using your face, if your eyes are closed.

If you're looking to make your Pixel 4 device a bit more secure, you'd be remiss in neglecting to enable this long-overdue feature. Don't let prying eyes get into your Android phone by using your sleeping, eyes-closed face to gain access to your data.

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