The need for highly-skilled workers is so prevalent that many tech companies are at war with each other over hiring and retaining the top talent. TechRepublic has covered the hiring process extensively, and managers can utilize these helpful tips when recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and retaining employees.

How to avoid a bad hire: 4 red flags to watch for
How can you know if a candidate is going to work out for the open position at your company? This article explains things to look out for in the interview process that could signal that the candidate is not the best fit.

How to identify a high-performing tech job candidate: 5 traits
When you meet a job candidate, you can tell if they will be able to succeed at your company if they exhibit these five traits.

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3 things your company must do to win the war for top tech talent
With the state of the tech talent shortage, companies may find themselves battling over the most talented workers. This article reveals what makes a company appealing to the best workers.

Throw out the whiteboard: 3 ways to improve the technical interview
Josh Greenwood, a software developer at Test Double, suggests that managers start to view hiring as a give and take. This article details Greenwood’s advice on reforming the interview process.

How to conduct a technical interview: 5 questions to ask
Experts say that many tech workers aren’t familiar with the best ways to conduct a technical interview. This article outlines five key questions to ask interviewees and offers other hiring best practices.

10 brainteasing questions to ask when interviewing IT professional
Google famously asked job candidates in interviews brainteasing questions that were nearly impossible. The company has since ditched those questions, but this article details how questions like these could be helpful.

Why AI could be the tool your HR team needs to hire and retain the best talent
AI is expected to have a major impact on every industry, and HR is no different. This article outlines how AI can make hiring and retaining employees easier.

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The 3 biggest flaws in the hiring process and how to fix them
As the workplace modernizes, so should the hiring process, but it isn’t. This article details the current hiring situation and ways to improve it.

IT hiring is broken. Here are three ways to fix it.
Job seekers and employers alike are growing increasingly frustrated with the current IT hiring system. This article details the issues and addresses how to fix them.