Building a slide deck, pitch, or presentation? Here are the big takeaways:

  • Due to a logic board failure, certain iPhone 7 models will show “No Service” in the status bar, regardless of the availability of cell coverage.
  • Apple has launched a repair program for the “No Service” flaw and will fix affected devices free of charge.

Apple recently launched a new repair program to address a flaw in certain iPhone 7 devices that cause the phones to display “No Service” in the status bar, even when cellular service is available.

The flaw is due to a failure in the logic board, and only exists in a small number of devices, according to the Apple support page. While logic board issues are usually pretty serious, the good news is that the fix for this one is free.

The first step will be to determine if your iPhone is one of the affected iPhone 7 models. According to the support page, affected devices were manufactured between September 2016 and February 2018, and sold in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, and the US.

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If your iPhone fits this timeline, you’ll next want to match the model number. In China, model numbers A1660 and A1780 were affected. Hong Kong, Macao, and the US will be model number A1660, and Japan will have model number A1779, the page said.

Once you have determined that you’re eligible, it is critical that you backup your data before proceeding. Using either iTune or iCloud, make a backup copy of your data in case the phone needs to be wiped for service. Apple details the steps for that process here.

Next, you will need to determine which method of service you want. Users can either take their phone to an Apple Authorized Service Provider or Apple Retail Store, or contact Apple Technical Support. Regardless of your choice, the phone will need to be sent to an Apple Repair Center to get fixed.

The phone will need to be examined before it is verified as eligible. Also, don’t take your iPhone to your wireless carrier, as they are not providing the service. Additionally, if your phone has a cracked screen or other damage that would make the No Service repair more difficult, that will need to be repaired beforehand, and may have additional costs associated with it.

Any customer who may have already paid for a repair for this issue should be hearing from Apple by way of an email arranging for reimbursement. If you don’t get an email by March 2018, contact Apple.