How to fix the keyboard of a laptop after water has spilled on it?

TechRepublic member Zook99 spilled water on their laptop's keyboard, now certain keys are garbled and sticking when they type. Can you offer advice or tips to help this fellow member?

Spilled Liquid on Laptop
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Nothing can make your heart stop like accidently spilling something on your laptop. You let it dry out, but discover when you try and type, everything is garbled and corrupted, which is the issue TechRepublic member Zook99 is facing after having spilled water on their keyboard.

TechRepublic member Zook99 asks, "As the title says it, I've spilled water over my keyboard.

After it happened, I turned the laptop upside down and let it sit there for not even a minute (big mistake). The laptop was still on and the keyboard worked. After watching a video, I wanted to research something and noticed the keys were garbled. As such: te3st he3llo9 ho9w2 ar4e3 yo9u7. I let it sit overnight and tried removing gunk, dust and crumbs the water may have spread using a vacuum. I think it worked, as some keys started working properly. I'm 100% sure that the keyboard is completely dry and that it started malfunctioning when the water dried.

These keys seem to be connected: When I press one of them, the rest appears (not always in the same order). Writing this message was a struggle.

Would a compressed air can do the job for the rest of the keys or is there corrosion or other non-removable by air gunk?"

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