It’s quite handy to be able to quickly wipe away your browser history, and every browser handles this task differently — some more easily than others. Firefox is no exception. Although out of the box, it may not be quite as simple as the competition, with a quick configuration, you’ll have Firefox forgetting your browser history with ease.

Back in 2014, the Firefox developers introduced the Forget button. That feature still remains, but if you click the Menu button and look around, you won’t find it. Why? Because it’s not enabled by default. How do you add that feature to your browser? Let me show you.

When you click the Menu, you’ll see the Customize button at the bottom of that popup. Click that button and you can then drag the Forget button into your menu. After you’ve added the Forget button, click Exit Customize and Forget is ready to use.

To use Forget, click the Menu button and then click Forget. You will be prompted for a time frame that will instruct how far back into your history Firefox should reach. Select an option and then click Forget. That’s it, your chosen history has been deleted. Understand, using Forget will wipe out your pinned tabs and the action cannot be undone, so use it carefully.

Browser security is no longer an option. Regardless of which browser you use, you must work with it carefully and make use of the offered privacy features. With Firefox Forget, you can make short shrift of your browser history. Use it and then lose it. Be safe out there.

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