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It is rarely easy trying to get back into the IT industry or any other career field after a long break, regardless of the reason, as TechRepublic member moore.w211967 is discovering.

TechRepublic member moore.w211967 asks, “Hello, I was looking for some advice for a person who had personal life problems, and created a long gap in their line of events to become a IT professional, could do to get back in the industry.

After a very successful track record in college, 3.98 in Networking, performing volunteer work, and working very hard to get my degree I had a large mass of personal issues culminate after graduating, that led me to not having work experience, and take a few years away from working, and being active in the IT field.

With having a large sum of debt, an my drive returning to want to get back into the industry there are obvious gaps in my resume, with a lack of experience, that make it very difficult to find employment. I have considered looking into some certifications to augment my out-dated resume, and find new knowledge to arm myself. But I wondered which would be most helpful, what would help me break out into the IT industry, and if anyone has any personal experience in recovering with such issues.

Any advice is welcome, Thanks in advance.

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