Cloud security firm Qualys is re-releasing their asset management software—Qualys Global IT Asset Discovery and Inventory—as freeware for businesses, one year after it was originally introduced.

Given that the most difficult aspect of ensuring IT security integrity is to first determine what devices exist on a given network, the use of asset management systems is a vital step for organizations to gain insight into what devices—sanctioned and unsanctioned—are being used.

“As we know, it is difficult, if not impossible, to secure what we do not know or cannot see,” Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO of Qualys, said in a press release. “…at the suggestion of members of our CTO/CISO advisory board and many of our beta users, that we have decided to offer the core of our groundbreaking Global IT Asset Discovery and Inventory apps as a free service for the community at large.”

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Qualys’ Global IT Asset and Inventory applications are capable of tracking on-premises devices, endpoints, cloud deployments, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and software containers, as well as detecting devices connecting to networks via passive scanning.

Likewise, users with unrecognized devices can join a security network by installing a Qualys agent to enable device management or run a vulnerability scan.

Qualys is using a freemium model for this offering with additional features including “hardware and software lifecycle information, software license information, ability to tag business-critical assets, several new workflows, synchronization of assets with the ServiceNow CMDB and the ability to automatically quarantine unknown devices or known devices that have been deemed out of compliance or compromised,” as paid services.

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ismagilov, Getty Images/iStockphoto