I’ve had calls from clients from all over the place in the last five years about getting tech support in Google Analytics. In the past, I’d normally just send them to the Google Analytics support forums, until I realized it was frustrating most of them.


Over the years, Google Analytics has not been overly proactive about educating their client base. As a long-time Google Analytics user, I know that they’ve shied away from email marketing, which, in my opinion is possibly the best way to proactively educate your customers, and prevent churn.

So, these days, the first thing I do is send customers to the Google Analytics IQ Online Course. The information is timely, and in light of recent changes to the Google Analytics UI, I can’t think of better time to take the course. At the very least, it’s critical for anyone responsible for a company’s web assets to watch their three basic presentations:

For a time investment of 18 minutes (less than what one support call typically takes), this will make most basic support calls unnecessary. A slightly deeper dive will take this user through Google’s Interpreting Reports tutorial, which delivers a lot of “bang for the clock” in just 18 minutes. You read that right: you can knock out half of Google’s analytics trainings in a total of 36 minutes. The average marketing user spends more time on Facebook in a given business day.

Support secret

That said, big, tough questions often come up, and this is what sends corporate users typically screaming and running to Google Analytics Support. Whenever a client’s having problems, I typically ask them – before recommending that they seek support – if they followed the Google Analytics Setup Checklist. Once they’ve completed the basic training assets and followed the Setup Checklist, that’s when I typically recommend that they seek help in the forums.

A Google Apps corporate customer may be tempted to call 1-877-355-5787 (the U.S.A support number). But before you even dial, though, be sure to pull up your customer PIN number – no one will take your call without it. Once you actually get through, you should get a live person within a minute or two by pressing 1-1 to talk to Google Apps Enterprise Support. And here’s the answer you’ll get.

“It’s not part of the core services.”

That’s what my Google Apps for Enterprise support rep told me this morning. But there’s some good news, too.

Super-confused Google Business customers can get phone support for their analytics needs. Here’s the “secret”, and it isn’t much of a secret. You just have to remember that Google’s not giving away their Google Analytics product out of the goodness of their Googly hearts – it’s tied to its sister product, Google AdWords – you know, the product that drove $28 billion dollars in revenue last year?

As long as you’re a basic corporate AdWords advertiser, you can go into your AdWords account, and browse the Analytics email and phone support options. There’s even a live-chat support team right now.

So, next time, before you or your end-users freak out and go on a Twitter tirade about how Google Analytics isn’t supporting the needs of your enterprise:

  1. Spend 36 minutes watching the videos
  2. Do the checklist, and then
  3. Call support

By the way, if you’re not a Google AdWords advertiser, this may be the time to begin spending modestly – even a few bucks a day. Even if the advertising turns out to be a total turkey, at least you’ll walk away with basic phone and email support for a very important piece of software.

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