Not everyone who reads this blog is a geek, but if you aren’t a geek but are browsing Geekend, it’s probably because you’ve got geeks in your life and want to understand them better. Well, Rands In Repose has summoned up The Nerd Handbook to help.

This long blog post explains the computer geek worldview and thinking style to those of you that don’t share it; then it offers tips and tricks for coaxing your “nerd” into the shared socialization activities that make any relationship richer, deeper, and…well…viable. It treads a little heavily on stereotypes, but it does a good job of translating for the muggles.

If that’s too long a read, it comes down to this: Nerds have tweaked their minds and their lives to accomplish projects they find interesting. To live with a nerd, you need to find a way to map your interests to his or hers so that accomplishing shared goals becomes an interesting project. Master that, and your geek will become the most generous and interesting companion you’ve ever known. Plus, free tech support.