Developers are consistently highly sought after job positions, and continue to pervade  job listings across online hiring boards. Most recently, Indeed cited a full stack developer job position as the second best job of 2020, across industries. 

Full stack developers have grown by nearly 162% since 2016, Indeed found, indicating just how popular these positions have become. Other in-demand developer positions include mobile application developers, .Net developers, and Python developers, a Burning Glass report found.

As digital transformation projects continue to be a top priority, companies realize they need individuals with the talent necessary to bring those digital applications into fruition. 

Finding, attracting, and acquiring that talent is no small feat, but TechRepublic Premium’s hiring kits can help companies successfully accomplish the task. 

The following four TechRepublic Premium hiring kits equip recruiters and hiring teams with the tools necessary for gaining those professionals. Elements of the hiring kits include detailed job descriptions, salary ranges, thoughtful interview questions with ideal responses, and more.

Hiring Kit: Full Stack Developer

Full stack developers are critical for the execution of software solutions. This hiring kit helps organizations determine what specific type of full stack developer they need, and further helps organizations create a job description and list of responsibilities that adequately communicates those needs. The kit also features 10 example interview questions for the specific position, along with suggestions for what to look for in a response. 

Hiring Kit: Mobile Application Developer

With smartphones embedded in people’s lives, designing and creating the latest apps is crucial  in a mobile world. The mobile application developer hiring kit can help companies garner the talent needed to produce apps. The kit includes an estimated salary range, an example job description, typical duties and responsibilities, desired competencies, and a model job posting to land an ideal mobile app developer.  

Hiring Kit: .Net developer

A .Net developer has a very specific set of skills and close familiarity with the Microsoft .Net framework. This hiring kit ensures organizations find just the right person for this specialized job. The kit features key considerations for what to include in a job posting, an estimated salary, list of job responsibilities, and even example benefits. With nine suggested interview questions, the questions come with answers and are geared toward the mind of a high-level .Net developer candidate.

Hiring kit: Python developer

Python is one of the most popular general purpose coding languages, which makes developers fluent in this language particularly important. However, this language can support multiple programming paradigms, which means companies need to determine the type of specific skills they want from a Python developer. 

This hiring kit makes that process easy, listing the possible specialties, and skills Python developers can have and providing example job listings, job descriptions, interview questions, and more. The sample interview questions even include a specific question that tests the candidate’s knowledge of a specific code input.