The hotly anticipated release of Android 9.0, revealed to be called Android Pie, is upon us.

Not everyone with an Android device will be able to update to Android Pie, though: It’s only available to Google Pixel and Essential Phone PH-1 owners for now. As is typically the case with a new Android release, hardware manufacturers will need time to certify the release for their devices, so there’s no telling when Pie may be available on non-Google smartphones.

For those that own a Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Pixel 2, or Pixel 2 XL or an Essential Phone PH-1, Android Pie is ready to install right now, and the process is dead simple.

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Step 1: Check to see if the Android Pie update is available

It’s possible that you may not even need to perform this step–my Pixel XL alerted me with a notification that Android 9.0 was ready to install the second I powered it up (Figure A). If you don’t see this notification on your Pixel device don’t worry, you can check for the update yourself easily.

Figure A

Open the Settings app, tap on System, and look for System Update (Figure B). Tap on System Update, and Android will automatically check for updates.

Figure B

Step 2: Install Android Pie

Once Android has finished checking for an update, the device’s notification should say that Android 9 is ready. Tap Download And Install, and your device will take care of everything (Figure C).

Figure C

This process will take a while–Android Pie is nearly 1 GB. My Pixel XL took approximately 30 minutes to update.

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Step 3: Restart your device

Once the update is complete, your device will let you know it needs to be restarted (Figure D). Follow the onscreen prompts, let your device reboot, and that’s that–you’re now running Android Pie!

Figure D

Android takes a couple of minutes to finish configuring everything (Figure E), but beyond that you’re all set.

Figure E

When will my device get Android Pie?

In its Android Pie rollout post, Google mentioned that Android devices that were able to participate in the Android Pie beta should be getting the official release by fall 2018, and other compatible devices should be able to install the update sometime in 2018.

If you want to know when your device may be getting Android Pie, the best thing to do would be to check with your device’s manufacturer and follow its latest press releases and news.